We Will Know

The flowing wines of grapes now endeth
music and merriment silent
Voices and laughter fading
disappearing into the night

Only the clatter of palm fronds
in a gentle mountain breeze
Songs of chirping crickets
moonbeams on balmy seas

A day of solemn vows fulfilled
sating lofty Eyes above
Only Death should break no other
our Golden Links of Love

Chains of Chastity shall fall
permitted by Him on High
Rings of Gold remove all guilt
tonight with you I lie

Our Pure and Sanctified Love
we shall give to one another
A cherished gift between man and woman
under Heaven there is no other

Worry not of Love's ins and out
when it begins we will know
Let us enjoy every minute every hour
for in no time will be the morrow

My beautiful Roe
cheeks flushed with wine
Parting lips full and luscious
like ripened grapes in dew on the vine

My scent excites you
like a Hart in season's exuding flow
Overwhelmed in Passion we will be
Heights of Love only the Untainted know

Your Budding Rose I shall take
ever so gentle will I be
Only a prick of a thorn
My sweetness shall fill and sate thee

Heaving Passions shall come and go
in all the ways that delight
We shall lie in Ecstasy
till the Morn's early light…

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