The Navigators

Crackling bolts of lightning
streak across tempestuous seas
Rolling thunder and torrential rains
sting in the howling night

Flashes of fearless countenances
in heaving seas toss to and fro
Under creaks and moans from sinewed canoes
able hands ride out the storm

Dawn brings horizons of gold
calming seas and a gentle breeze
They gaze at the fading stars
indemnifying their night's loss

The noon day sun upon the sea
brings hues of deepened blues
They watch the lapping currents
disclosing their tiller's course

The rain that yesterday stung
now cools and refresh
Poured from shells of gourd
upon mahogany skins

In loin cloths clad they sit
under a cooling shade
Quenching thirsts with coconut milk
they gaze upon the sea

With ancient eyes of wisdom
of celestial lights and talking seas
they sail unchartered waters
to reach their distant shores

Men with hearts of courage
never looking back
tried and proven by time
true Navigators of the seven seas

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