My Inner Astronaut

my inner astronaut

when i was young i dreamt of stars
what happened next i didn’t plan
i didn’t think this would be my life
making excuses on fallen stars

an astronaut flying on the solar wind
i would fly, free
now I’m not
chained to my desk like a slave

i don’t dream, i don’t dare
dreaming is for those who don’t know better
my world is empty, drifting
like an astronaut with his lifeline cut

in the world i see my dreams
lived by people i thought i would be
mine is clouded by beer and cigarettes
my nebula of quiet despair

how i wish i could dream
like an astronaut dreams
or a child with hope
of a future that is possible

i dream of dreaming
a world without dreams is hopeless
while i am alive
my inner astronaut cries

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