There He Was

As I scratched my hairless head
look back at my hands,
stained with blood too red,
regret my thoughts, regret my plans.

For there he lay and there I was.

I shook my shock and walked away, peeling off the bald cap,
it would do me no good, since the wig burn away.

Letting my hair fall back,
but holding back tears.
Tears of grief and regret?
Or tears filled with joyous revenge and victory?

The fact was I killed it.
It, him, that, he, did it make a difference?
I had taken no soul, for can an immortal posses a soul?
Yes, it created souls, but they were souls made from rape and evil.
From the women of my grandmother's people.

He was evil, end of story.
I chose the path of love, so it made it clear that I was not guilty.
No, I was a murderer, not a liar.

"Nooooooooooooo" it whispered
I whipped around, then was staggered back as fear pulsed through my veins,
as if I never pierced him, thrusting the blade through his heart, not causing any pain
He met my eyes, but in my surprise, his were smug, not the least bit hostile.
There he was, flawless, staring at me with a mocking smile.

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