Can guess wot o wot?

So wot, you writing stuffs o wot? If yes, den try entah da June edition of da contest, frens. As Elmo might say:

Welcome to the June edition of The Great BR Year of the Dragon Contest:

Here are the two triggers for June:

From Issue Number 29:

From Issue Number 30,

Unlike The Great BR Fishing & Wishing 100 – 100 Contest, there are no theme choices, and there is no upper or lower word limit. After reading the pieces, figure out your own theme choice and write like there's no tomorrow : ) For anyone who may have trouble choosing a writing theme, I'd suggest possibilities such as "haole," "banks," "what's a girl to do?", "painting a room of your house," "drowning, "rabbits," "land rights," "the ocean," "gifts," or "hosts."

Contest Rules


1. You can submit one entry per month. All June entries must be posted on the Bamboo Shoots page of the BRP site between June 1 and June 30 at 2:00 p.m. HST.

2. Entries can be prose (including short stories, nonfiction essays, or whatever you write), poetry, or plays -- or any type of hybrid writing you dream up : )

Remember -- no joke -- if you want to do paragraph indentations to make it easier for the judges to read your piece : ), put the            tag -- no spaces -- in front of the line you want to indent five spaces.

And no joke plus, don't forget to click the "Year of the Dragon Contest" button for your entry.

3. Every entry must have a title.

4. In the section below the title where it says:

A blurb about your piece or a good quote from your piece:

You MUST -- really NOT kidding -- include "Year of the Dragon Entry" to help the judges distinguish between contest entries and all other entries.

Your entry should look like this:

Title: Finding the Ocean

A blurb about your piece or a good quote from your piece: YEAR OF THE DRAGON CONTEST:


           I went back to see my mother, flying over the Pacific backwards, like a chicken zooming back into it's shell. . . blah blah blah . . . And she slapped my face so hard it was as if she were flushing me down the toilet like so much dirty tissue.

5. Winners will be announced with all possible BR speed after 2:00 p.m. HST, June 30th, and they'll win Bamboo Bucks credit to spend in the BRP online bookstore. WooHoo and then . . . WHOOHOO!!!

6. Don't forget that 29 entries from July 2010 through June 2011 were selected for publication in the upcoming landmark 100th issue of BAMBOO RIDGE. So you never know. Your piece might be published in a future issue of BAMBOO RIDGE : )

Good luck to you, and let's fricken write!

This prompt is closed for submissions.

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