September “whatevah” winners: The Great BR Short-Short Story Contest

Aloha again to all of you, and mahalo for your entertaining entries in the first Great BR Short-Short Story Contest. Here are the “whatevah” winners for September. Each will receive a $10 Bamboo Bucks credit to use at the BRP online store and is listed by the “whatevah” category award:

* * * * *

Actually, this first story wins TWO awards — that’s a first for this contest : ) richardmelendez will receive TWO $10 Bamboo Bucks credits — $20 total — for use in the BRP online store:

Da mos Kids Are Way Too Frickin’ Spoiled Today Anyway Award


The Frank F. Fasi Memorial Award:

“Breadwinners,” by richardmelendez

* * * * *

Da mos No Try Sell Me Your Crap or I Going Sic My Vicious Kitty on You Award:

“Resistance Is (Not Always) Futile,” by waterbaby

* * * * *

Da mos Killing Harmless Creatures Is Real Pretty Award:

“Sacrifices,” by angelani

* * * * *

Da Mos Good Job of Promoting Racial Harmony an Undahstanding Award:

“Yoko Ono Guest Conducts a Rehearsal of the Hiro High School Gree Crub,” by masunaga

* * * * *

You have three more chances to enter (October, November, December). Please make sure to post your October entries by Sunday 10/31 at 2:00 p.m. HST (That’s midnight GMT : ) Everybody keep writing short!

Mahalo for reading!

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