Flash Fiction Winners from the 2013 Hawaii Book and Music Festival

“Not da same!” I argued with my friend the HPD cop who I neva saw for 20 years. He said “No you just the same as you was in high school!” Ugh! How can you say that?! Braces, glasses, acne, slouch, bad 80’s perm, stutter…ALL GONE! See, I’ve been on da mainland all this time. And I’m not that same dorky girl you used to know! “Nope, you still da same!” he grinned. “I mean that as a compliment.”
–Susan Fukushima (Writing Starter: not da same)

Letter to Giada: I always thought that when (if) I had a child, that mythical future child would be pretty much…like me. Especially if that mythical future child was a girl. So it was much to my surprise when I discovered you were nothing like me. I realized this once you started to talk (which was early, and often). You are only 4 (and a half, as you would add) but already I can see the makings of a spirited, fearless soul. So different from my shy childhood self. The other day you told me you had a dream with a scary monster but you made it go away because “I conquer fear.” Then without skipping a beat, you said, “What does “conquer” mean, Mommy?” Somehow, I think you already know.
–Beverly da Silva (Writing Starter: I discovered you)

The word always hits when I least expect it. “Haole,” they say with puffed chests. “He not Haole. He Borinkee,” she tells them. Their posture changes. I’m okay now, it seems. Relief. And Anger. Why should it make a difference? Haole, Borinkee, Moke, Pake, Portagee. Why? And why do I let her speak for me again? She tells me the answer to my first question is because of their history. “What about the second?” I ask. She smiles. “That’s because of our history.”
–Richard Melendez (Writing Starter: when I least expect it)

I had no idea why I was doing this. They always say the only way to get over your fears is to face them, but facing your fears is just so scary. It was the zipper at the Punahou Carnival, with several carts spinning on their own axis while going around on a lever. Every physics teachers’ dream. The three of us got on and I am shaking as the cart is going up. We’re suspended at what felt like a hundred feet in the air. Then the ride starts. Oh boy, the ride, it was more like bull riding to hell and back. We were spinning forward and backward. I didn’t know which way was up or if the hand I was grabbing was my own. I was screaming bloody mary for it to be over. Finally the world stopped spinning and a worker helped us out of the cart. “So what’d you think?” one of my friends asked me, to which I responded “again, again, again!”
–Jelwyn Agbayani (Writing Starter: when I least expect it)

I just celebrated my 21st birthday. I’m flying from Paris France to L.A…Nonstop. I’ve never flown international before. Did you know that Alcoholic drinks are free? “Yes Miss, I’d like a screwdriver. Yes Miss, I’d like a 7 & 7. Yes Miss, I’d like a rum and coke.” 18 yes misses later…it was an “Unforgettable Flight”
–Cain Kamano (Writing Starter: the unforgettable flight)

Our new tradition is coming to the book festival and seeing Mr. Steve. I like the pirate song. I like seeing the lady playing the song.
–Aki — age 5 : ) (Writing Starter: traditions)

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