August “Whatevah” Winners: The Great BR Short-Short Story Contest

Aloha again to all of you, and mahalo, again, for your entires in the first Great BR Short-Short Story Contest. Here are the “whatevah” winners for August. Each will receive a $10 Bamboo Bucks credit to use at the BRP online store and is listed by the “whatevah” category award:

Da Mos Akamai Swap Meet Shoppah, Garage Sale Side, Award: “Bargaining,” by BetweenWatersUnseen

Da Mos National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Thums-Up Award: “Changing Lanes,” by richardmelendez

Da Mos One Good Reason Why Folks Always Gotta Tink Twice About Saying “Yeah” to Having Conversations over Coffee Award: “Common Ground,” by Marie Kaufman

Da Mos Why Turtles Make Cool Pets Award: “Shinji Fujita Searches for
God,” by Normie Salavador

Da Mos Why Wiener Dogs Make Cool Pets Award: “On the Way to the Place Where We Used To Throw Rocks,” by Eric

Remember, the contest runs through midnight December 31, GMT — das 2:00 p.m. here in Hawaii cuz Greenwich stay ten hours ahead, but not ten hours bettah. And you can enter once each calendar month — four more times : )

Mahalo for reading!

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