A Menehune Explains

A Menehune Explains

100 Word Contest

J. Arthur Rath III

Fairy-folk roamed freely among mankind
Before the world was changed by human mind,
Before boundaries became a bother
‘Twixt the mortal world and any other
Fairies’ complex and busy lives went on,
Our realm endowed with added dimension.

Ambiguous were we among mortals:
Woe to unwary entering our portals!
Adventures with human and fairy
Often became fraught with uncertainty.

As the natural world was being tamed,
All the fairies it sheltered soon became
Ever-more unseen elusive strangers–
Tried to escape mankind’s growing dangers.

Our history’s no mystery, just be wary
And know, yourself, this truth never varies:
Menehune are Hawaii’s fairies.

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