From BAMBOO RIDGE Issue Number 50/51, SISTER STEW

Here's M. Suzuki's “Childhood”

Up in the attic
I cringe
When I accidentally kick
An old Roach Motel
And it sounds like someone just shook
A half-full box of Raisinets.

In the corner,
The perforated surface
Of the air hockey table
Is coated with a layer of dust
Like the Barbie “Airliner”
Next to it —
A vinyl, miniature section of airplane,
Complete with carrying handle
And tiny stewardess supplies.

I remember playing dolls
With my brother,
Throwing the plane
From the swing set
Like in sequels of Airport .
GI Joe, Barbie,
And Kojak
(Ken with his hair shaved)
Were the repeated victims
Scattered in the yard from impact.
Although GI Joe
Had kung fu grip,
He always lost his arms
Since they were easily plucked
From his sockets
While the others,
Found in the worn, dirt groove
Beneath the swing
Or on the slant of the doghouse roof
Were fortunate
Just to be unconscious.

Mahalo for reading!

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