June 2024 Year of the Dragon Bamboo Shoots Writing Contest Prompts

Boom. And just like that, June is busting out all over. And weddings, right? Tis the season. So let’s celebrate with pieces that are between 100 and 1000 words. You can write fiction, poetry, drama, non-fiction essays, or any hybrid combination experimental genre you choose.

We welcome pieces written in the language of your choice. No translation is required, although you may reach a wider audience if you provide one.

Remember. These prompts are only suggestions. You can use them, or you can write about anything you choose. So here we go:

The plane ride to top all plane rides
Living on a shoestring
What the sun can do
Living in the big city
Parents: Is that good advice, or is it just nagging?
Significant signatures
In the cave
So you thought you’d seen it all
The stray cats
What was that dish called again?
The best mango
That place is gone now

Okay, so use the prompts to inspire you, or just write what you like. Here we go. Let’s write.



By participating in the Bamboo Shoots community, you agree to the following rules:
  1. We reserve the right to remove content that promotes hate or gratuitous violence. Be respectful and courteous to others.
  2. All contest challenge entries must be submitted by the designated
  3. Enter as many times as you like using a trigger/prompt (this page).
  4. Contest Challenge entries can be prose (including short stories, nonfiction essays, or whatever you write), poetry, or plays -- or any type of hybrid writing you dream up.
  5. Every entry must have a title -- unless you choose to enter a haiku, in which case you can simply enter the word haiku in the title section.
  6. All content/entries should be original work. You retain ownership of your entries; however, we may ask to use them elsewhere on the site or on social media to help promote Bamboo Ridge and/or the Bamboo Shoots online writing community.
  7. Winners will be announced with all possible speed after the end of each month. Winners receive 10 Bamboo Bucks credit to spend in the BRP online bookstore. Bamboo Bucks have no monetary value outside of the online store.
  8. Entries may also be selected for publication in the regular Bamboo Ridge Journal. If your piece is chosen, the editors will contact you via the email address on file.
  9. Please note that you need not enter the contest challenge in order to post on Bamboo Shoots. You may post other writing if you choose. We welcome that here:  Click this link to go to Shoot da Breeze.

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