Pearl City High School Students write under pressure: BRAVO!!

My body has no choice but to follow
with a bruised soul and torn up heart
escaping the fate that was set for me
No turning back, no regrets
But I stopped, for a mere 3 seconds
to look back
At the place I called home.

The place I call home
Hero, in my father’s heart
Sweet sound of warmth and love
In His hands above,
A sanctuary of comfort and joy and
all-surrendered peace
In His hands above


Faithless, without memory
I walk away blindly
Mind totally blank with thought
You talk quietly and kindly
Reminding me of the pain you brought
I’ve given up this path
& decide to choose another
I forget my hidden wrath
& leave you to find another

Find another
no it’s not right
maybe some other
it’s just not my night
that must be wrong
it’s not fit
too short, too long
no that’s not it


Before the locked door
that’s where she stands
dumbfounded, unsure, and baffled altogether.
She turns the knob
but the door doesn’t budge.
Locked, left out.
and she’s got no where to go.

She’s got nowhere to go
Meanwhile, he’s going somewhere.
Somewhere that she’s not invited to.
She is lonely, quiet, somnolent
He is effervescent, beaming, vital
She’s got nowhere to go
But he’s going somewhere


Through my eyes everything is dark and yet so vividly bright,
through my mind no fact is left untouched
through my soul the senses haze and everything is vague
through my body the world ends.

The world ends
They say we won’t live much longer
they say the world will end
that some natural disaster will happen
but no matter what they say
I say it won’t end
I say life will go on
and everything will keep on going
I say because I know and believe in Him.


Through my jalousied window
I gaze at the world outside
locked, trapped imprisoned
with no change at freedom
I sit idly by
as time moves ahead.

As time moves ahead
How can we stand, sit, and lie here, ignorant as time moves ahead?
The power of knowledge,
clouded by the senses of comfort and abysmal unknowing,
we take a step back,
our heads turning down.


The Freud speak
no one listens to Freud
Freud was wrong
or was he?
Freud is irrelevant now.
He is just a fading memory

He is just a fading memory
Not forgotten yet, buts it’s getting there.
The thought of him lingers
but it’s no big deal
He’ll soon be forgotten
Just give it a few days.


My Heart Beats
Sprinting up a hill watching
for the moments
waiting for the grade
feeling his warm body
standing in front of the crowd

a stimulating blood flow
its spins my head
dizzying jolts of energy
it fills my soul

My soul
What more is there?
My soul, patient, calm
but just a soul?
The soul is feeling
is meaning, is power

The soul, my soul
feels the pain, the
love, the anger
it feels you, it
feels everything.


Button and buckle
measures of security
by work of protectors of protection
protection from wear
protection from shame
measures not always secure
by work of natural agents

Of natural agents
The sky—of natural agents.
The heart—so cold and blatant.
An alien from elsewhere—that’s my conclusion
Pushing my soul deeper into seclusion
so bizzarely cold, she is oft.
For this, I shall throw myself aloft.


Rising force
concealed beneath the earth
an old rising force
that was thought to be extinct
exploded with fury
demolishing the life before it

Demolishing the life before it
the hamster was a menace
its fluffy-ness could not be held back


Neck Wet Grass
A week of neck wet grass,
the infection spreading to the upper vertebrae.
Diseased, disowned, and unknown.
Neck wet grass plagued him night and day.
His days were limited for he couldn’t pay the bill.
On and on until the sound of the terminal.

The sound of the terminal
shall fill all ears
though only creep
into mine
Train I do not hear
Train I do not see
Unlikely emancipator
will soon set me free
I hope without the crowd’s objection


To the edge
of love
selfless sacrifice,
open wound,
and broken hallelujahs
To the edge
of love

Of love
I send you my heart
expressing what I feel
hummingbird heartbeats
fluttering butterflies
childish, giddy feelings
stomach doing somersaults
That’s how I feel
when I look at you.


your breath
foul, odorous, gross
it disgusts me
you disgust me
get out of my face

Get out of my face
anger flushes my cheeks
glaring at your hazel green eyes
you’re not worthy to stand in front of me
since you told me a million lies.
I already told you
so get out of my face
b/c no matter what


Orange orchids streaming down
Spring is here
with orange orchids falling
the air is crisp
and the love keeps on calling

Feelings unknown
what makes it sure
the sickness of love
I need a cure

I need a cure
I don’t know where from
it’s the illness in my mind
the thoughts would fill my head
“Leave me alone!” I said

I dance above tonight
I speak to myself
my mind isn’t quite right
my heart isn’t quite well


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