Renshi from Kapi‘olani Community College

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  1. guangpyo says:

    Where Are You, My Knight?

    “Where are you?”
    He asked himself this question as he sat with eager eyes
    Like a child raising his hand hoping to be called upon by his teacher
    Hoping to catch a glimpse of the chivalrous white knight that had protected him from the bullies who mocked his rainbow colored essence
    and in his heart,
    was the pot of gold that he wished to reward this knight
    This knight who stood tall and strong like the words he spoke
    To cut down the wizards that used their magic spells to make him believe that being gay was wrong
    He was not in love with this knight
    He was in awe of him
    Made him believe that chivalry still existed in a world where men chose not to sit equally at a round table
    All his life
    He journeyed through a kingdom where social class existed to remind others that
    if you weren’t the right kind of man
    you were looked down upon as a slave by the men who knighted themselves as the “norm”
    All he wanted now
    was to search for that fairy tale hero
    and live happily ever after.

  2. jtabbay says:

    You Not Pau Yet!

    After three straight hours of cleaning, “I’m not pau yet?”
    “No… ways! You gottah be kidding me right?”
    Clean this, clean that is all I’ve been hearing.

    I woke up early about 7:30am while the sun was still rising.
    Followed every word that came out of their mouth.
    Did everything as fast as I could so I can dig out and hit Makapu’u beach.
    But guess what….?
    The braddah had to open his big mouth and say
    “You can’t leave till you pau cooking.”

    My phone couldn’t stop making noise through all the text and calls.
    Friends couldn’t wait no more,
    so I grabbed the cooking pot and turned on the stove.
    Heat up the saimin, put in some cabbage and some Vienna sausage in there.
    When it was pau cooking, I grabbed a bowl and put em' in.

    I walked up to my brother and told him that brunch was served,
    Like it or not, it’s food.
    Bettah than nothing!
    I went to my room grabbed everything that I needed.
    Called my friends back and all I could hear is them yelling to my right ear saying,

    I ran as fast as I could to my car.
    Turned to my favorite reggae/Hawaiian station and blast the music.
    Cool Down by Kolohe Kai started playing.
    Just the perfect song to listen to while hitting the beach,
    so I sang along and yelled “beach here I come.”


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