Happy Holidays to da kine

Happy Holidays to da kine,
Fo’ real, da best time of year.
We celebrate da holy days,
And all da people we hold dear.

We exchange gifts and presents,
Look back on da past,
Reminisce on da passed,
And da moments dat will last.

We shopped ’til we dropped,
Hopped from store to store.
We hoped and moped,
But also mopped and cleaned da floor.

Da rubbish and clutter,
Gotta get rid of dat stuff.
Make room fo’ da fireworks,
And da noise and da huff and puff.

But when da night grows silent,
We make resolutions fo’ da new year.
Da future bright and vibrant,
After fyah cracka smoke clears.

So let’s all enjoy da holidays,
In ‘dis beautiful Hawai’i land.
Try cherish da special moments,
And share aloha wit’ all you can.

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