Summer of 2021

The summer of 2021 was one of my most memorable summers. My brother had a soccer tournament in San Diego California so my family had traveled to watch him play. After the Soccer Tournament in San Diego we drove to L.A to meet up with some friends and we all went to Disney. Going on trips already happens to be so much fun, especially going to DisneyLand but being able to hangout with friends and do fun activities that we would usually not be able to do makes the trip so much more enjoyable and memorable. Being able to explore new places, try new things and share all of these experiences with people who you enjoy will turn out to be so much fun. I would have to say one of my most favorite rides at Disneyland would be either the teacups or Buzz Lightyear. I am not a fan of roller coasters so small rides such as those make me very happy. Some food items that I feel are a MUST HAVE would be the turkey legs and churros. Something about those specific items remind me of Disney and is always a good go to when wanting to eat. Those types of memories will always be remembered and will always have a special place in my mind when I look back on fun adventurous times.

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