No Bucket List Needed

They say that after the drowsy stretched out afternoons of childhood, time passes quickly as one ages.  That’s true for me.  I have no bucket list.  I’m sampling bits and pieces of life as I used to do with college electives.  I’m a dabbler – trying out this new course, that new hobby, this new author, and that new experience – like a ruminant searching for a tasty new leaf.  I used to feel compelled to finish whatever I started, hearing distant echoes of our mothers’ voices urging us to clean our plates.  No more.  In my 7th decade, I have a fairly good sense of what works for me and what does not.  I’ll continue to edit my life, celebrating the treasures and releasing what no longer fits – with gratitude and no regrets.

Keep learning, keep growing, keep savoring life.

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