A New Year’s Tale 2

Come, my friend, step into the circle of light. Gather closer to the campfire. The night brings the light of the moon and the cold whisper of the North Wind. It is time for another tale before journeying into the New Year:

“Once long ago, there lived Burro, a sturdy animal with broad shoulders and sure-footed legs. In fact, the Great Maker had given Burro double-jointed feet to balance even on the rockiest of terrain. This was a good thing since many folks depended on Burro to help carry the load from here to there.

Twilight strolls were his favorite pastime when the air was cool and the land quiet. He often thought that sipping from the bubbly spring was like drinking stars.

On one such stroll, Desert Rat came zigging and zagging across the dry wash stopping every few seconds, hiding in the dark shadows of debris. “Ho! What’s your worry, Brother Rat? Come and visit with me.”

“The world is a sinister place, Burro. Everybody’s out for themselves. No trust, no loss is what I say.” And with that said, Desert Rat zigged past the Burro.

Burro stood quietly and munched on cactus pears, ruminating on Brother Rat’s comments. A cloud of dust approached him, announcing Road Runner’s arrival. “Ho! What’s your hurry, Sister Runner? Stay and visit with me.”

“There’s too much to do, so little time, Burro. Time is a race, and I’m going to win. That’s what I say!” Off ran Road Runner, leaving a trail of dust behind her.

Burro shook himself, creating his own cloud of dust. Burro stood and quietly gazed at the deepening sky. A forlorn howl carried in the evening air meant that Brother Coyote was near. Very soon, Brother Coyote trotted up to Burro. “Ho! Brother Coyote, what is the matter? Come and visit with me.”

“Burro, my heart is like a closed fist to protect me from future hurt. No hurt, no pain is what I say!” as he loped past Burro, howling into the night.

Burro sat back on his haunches. By this time, the beautiful Moon had graced the night with her shining light. “Ah, Burro, it is you. Come and visit with me,” she murmured. And Burro did, well into the night.”

And so it goes, my friend. Remember to trust and have faith, to take time for yourself and dear ones, and know that the universe flows within you and through an open heart. May the New Year bring you closer to your heart’s desire. Happy New Year!

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