If you pay attention, nothing is trivial

If you pay attention, nothing is trivial

Running her fingers through her hair

Primping her hair

Brushing hair from her forehead

Glancing at her fingernails

Looking skyward

Nervous laughter

Darting eyes

Shifting her weight

Forgetting to eat

Drinking more

Twisting a ring

Turning a bracelet

Fingering her necklace

Laughing at nothing

Running her finger around the rim of her glass

Running her fingers along the glass stem

Touching your hand across the table.

Cupping her hands under her chin

Raising her eyebrows

Turning her head sideways to see her profile

Moving closer, putting her hands under her chin, elbows on the table.

Crossing her legs

Tugging at her skirt

Fussing with her earrings

Pulling down her sweater

Pursing her lips

Licking her lips

Adding lipstick

Leaving lipstick on the rim of a glass

Adjusting a bra strap on her shoulder

Taking shallow breaths

Taking deep breaths



Holding back a tear

Moving her hands like a butterfly

Touching her cheek to feel the heat

Touching her throat to feel the pulse

Lowering her eyes

Lowering, raising her voice

Moving her shoulders to the rhythm of a piano bar

Humming to herself.

Standing to leave, she turns sideways, leans her arm on the table, drops her chin, lowers her eyes, and smiles.

She says, “You want to know what I am thinking? Watch me – I’m speaking to you.”

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