Habitual Users

I wen tell Nai,
we go sell um down Lanikai.
Plenny kala fo’ waste. Fo’ burn.
Fo’ snort. Fo’ pop
mollies den black out.

No sense fo’ ask
wea we wen get um.
How we wen get um.
What get in um.
That’s the good shit?
dey ask,
How much?

We count um out.
Tabs we wen harvest
from Aunty’s medicine cabinet.
We no ask fo’ I.D., fo’
prescription scripts.
What I look like,

But shet, even Aunty
go tchru couple bottles
oxy. Her cabinet
like one Skittles bag,
fruity flavahs she pick up
drive tchru
every two weeks.

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  1. appleblossum says:

    I love the pacing of this…the quickness of it and the way the pidgin emphasizes that quickness, how it works with the theme. It's all so parallel and perfect.

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