Mary-Jane Leina'ala's Barbie "Airliner"

Riiiing! Barbie's alarm goes off at 4:30 a.m., she sits bolt upright in her flouncy bouncy pink Barbie bed in disbelief. "No, it can't be time to get up! Wow! What a short night that was! I hate it when boyfriends like Ken don't give a girl a chance to explain why I was getting out of that 'ono-looking" pilot's convertible just as he was pulling up my driveway in his "tired-looking" jalopy. He can be so jealous sometimes. How long did the FBI interrogation last before I convinced him I missed the last bus from the airport?"
          She proceeds to get ready in her usual post-FBI interrogation haste and rushes off like a bolt of lightning to work in her Barbie "Airliner". "Oh, I hope that mean supervisor doesn't hold me up by performing a "surprise" uniform check. I got ready in such a rush. Oh no! I got a run as big as Texas in my pantyhose while putting it on! Let me check my mail box and see if I have to go into the office after my last flight of the day. Wow! I have four Kona turns today, I don't remember swapping with anyone! Oh well, I must be returning a favour, it's better than six Kahului turns. I really wanted to pick out the right Barbie dress at the new Barbie boutique in Kahala Mall for the Margarita Party at Popo's Barbie Doll Cantina. I should have asked them to put it on hold, there are more and more Barbies in town every day, it's hard to find something original, size is no problem, we all wear the same size, thanks to the Barbie factory.
          Barbie proceeds to get the cabin of her "Airliner" ready for her passengers. She panics. "I can't find the styrofoam coffee cups and the plastic champagne glasses! Oh,oh, here comes my owner Mary-Jane Leina'ala running upstairs to get me and swing my whole "Airliner" with me inside from the tallest mango tree in her yard! The last time she did this I spilt coffee on four not-so-understanding passengers. What can I do? Nothing, better get strapped in and ready for a sudden and forceful take-off. Hope she didn't have too many Cocoa Puffs for breakfast!"

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