Hard to believe Brah, I stay 64 yeas ole an already I stay retired 9 yeas. Whea da yeas went I dunno Brah, seriously.

An retirement life eh Brah, not all peaches an cream you know since da economy wen tank an go south. Teengs stay looking bleak Brah, seriously.

All da wall street guys, big business, da gov’t, da illuminati guys all wen do one numba on my ness egg Brah. Ass wat I teenk wen happen Brah, seriously.

No can be me. I wen work ova forty yeas an wen try save little bit at a time. Funny eh, dey tell me I no can take my lump sum money an trome in one bank account cuz dey going take one big chunk for taxes as penalty. Da same money da gov’t wen take taxes from befo. How you like dat Brah, seriously.

Dey say roll’em ova to one retirement fund, yea right! I teenk roll’em ova means roll ova dead Brah, seriously.

If I wen trome in one bank account from the stat an with my social security an my simple way of life, I would be way ahead today Brah, seriously.

I teenk eh Brah, my opinion eh, da whole world stay all jam up, I no can complain. I know some guys no can make it tru da month Brah an dey slowly goin down hill. I teenk we all gotta kokua an help each other tru dis trying times. I gotta stop bitchin’ an count my blessings Brah, seriously.

I get one roof ova my head, no stay leak. I own one ’94 Ford 150 pickup wit four wheel drive an pipe racks, da bugga eat gas but take me wheaeva. No mo rust brah, cherry an I no take care. You know why eh, Ford use galvanized body, good for Big Island rainy weda. Da tread still stay good like my health. My wife jus’ was on da lam but came home wit my mother-n-law (da two patnas in crime..nay jus’ kidding, hope she no read dis) Everything stay good if I no talk any kine wen I drink. Not to mention Brah I get four kids an thirteen grandkids,. Dey all get house an dey all healthy. I tank da Good Lord every morning wen I get up wit my coffee, brings teas to my eyes. Some blessings eh Brah, seriously.

My pantry stay full with all kind beef, shrimp, regular an my favorite chicken ramen, sardines, red salmon, Vienna sausage, Palm's can cornbeef, can vegetables an da main teeng, planny spam. My ice box get bea an mo bea an poke, an da freeza stay full…shah, Brah! I stay good, seriously.

My Pake friends tell me dis da year of da Dragon an all da kids born unda dis sign are akamai an born leadas. Maybe dey goin’ kick dis economy world wide in da ass an make teengs good… Ay Brah I gotta go KTA an check out the ahi, jus’ wen come in. Eh by da way, who’s turn to pay fo da breakfast Brah?, seriously…

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