The Great Equalizer in the Crevices

People like to pretend cockroaches can’t find them

high up in their condos

or on the hill

in their big new houses.

But the secret is

that they will find you

no matter where you are.

Like so many dirty secrets

they creep in,

and seep in

through the cracks of our lives.

They will find you and make their home

in your home

or your head

just like the disgusting things we all say

and do

and think.

One way or another,

they always seem to find

a way.

And there is no amount of money that will keep them from doing so.

Even if you spray,

or fill your home with those little roach motels,

they come

like magnets to human residue.

The eggs they laid will hatch after the exterminators are gone.

Or they will avoid the traps

that you set for them.

And you’re stuck with them

just like everybody else.

The buggers are completely indifferent

to your social status

or what school you went to.

The only thing that will ward them off

is true cleanliness

and the truth is,

no one is that damn squeaky clean.

Even if you don’t know they’re there,

they’re there

forever watching

and waiting


for the lights to go out

so they can feed on things

you usually can’t even see.

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