A Warrior's Night

I lay down my sword and shield
bathe me in your perfumed waters
Wash away Death's clinging stench
that hovers like darkened spectres.

Anoint your fragrant oils
with your hands on me caressing
Easing my mind and body
for their deep wounds are still mending.

I'm humbled by your patience
wars has split many paths in life
I thank Him above each night
for blessing me with such a wife.

The night shall be rewarding
for abstinence has kept us pure
Our love now made us stronger
in His proven words we are sure.

Overwhelming will I be
battles long causeth me to ache
My loins full with passion
for your sweet delight all to take.

We shall taste and scent the dew
of our sweet nectars weeping
Into your warmth I will lie
with outstretched arms you'll be waiting.

Heaving bodies will be one
well beyond the midnight hour
Till ecstasy's throbbing wanes
sating each other's desire.

In arms we'll share a smile
quietly lying together
For your smiling countenance
I want to always remember.

Seared in my mind I will take
spiriting my sword in battle
Striking hearts of tyranny
their bones with fear shall rattle.

Our fate is uncertain
each night I pray to Him above
Should I lie with the Fallen
to always comfort you with love…

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