I Bring Only Peace

Exquisite confusion.
Profoundly beguiling redolence.
Eternity lost if not seen in the blink of an eye.
Your malevolent laughter has been appraised.
Your dulcet affectation stands as unconvincing as your
Well rehearsed verses you no doubt have used to fell younger prey.
And every inch closer I get,
I sense aggregate fear masked so skillfully
By the ignorance of those you chose to lose yourself in.
Instead of me.
Consider this delicate shame weeping from you perfect skin,
Dripping through my fingers with every touch of veneration.
All truth is good, all existence is truth.
The framework of what you think you are, all you know.
I can see it synthesized in your sadness and your weakness.
Or merely in your silently perceivable self assessment.
The unfortunate reducing principle of circumstance.
Significant moments cannibalized.
Pieces of ourselves left half finished, unrecognized.
We are nothing more than little children.
Talking nonsense and doing nothing.
Building inordinate castles in the sky.
Emotion void of intelligence.
All I want is to bear witness now.
To see everything you are hiding from yourself.
Hiding from me.
Perhaps it is with this human stratagem; temptation,
That I can free myself
From my own,
Exquisite confusion.

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