Prophet Paul

The trial was televised and though it pained me to watch, I had to. Prophet said that there would be a day he would persecuted by non believers and that if I loved him as much as he loved me then I would stand with him throughout. The state attorney just referred to him as a child molester. How dare he accuse a descendant of our Lord and Saviour of such an ugly act. Prophet Paul would never do such a thing. He had nothing but love in is heart. A love so powerful that it filled anyone he touched. He never hurt me. I gave myself to him willingly and passionately. Our intimate moments were acts of the divine.

Each night before getting into bed he would give me communion. The body of Christ. A small, white tablet with the outline of a dove imprinted on one side. After taking that he would instruct me to shower and then the love making would be begin. He would begin by stroking my hair. With each movement my scalp would tingle ecstatically. Then he would proceed to kiss me. Everytime his lips would meet my skin it was euphoric. Then he would press his body against mine. It was pure magnetism. A thing that beautiful cannot be wrong.

Prophet Paul was just about to respond to the attorney when the phone rang. It was my social worker. She had me apply for a job, she said it would be a great way for a 16 year old to keep busy and help me adjust to life outside the compound. Now she was calling me with the status.
"Amy. I'm sorry to tell you this but you won't be getting the job. You failed the drug test."
"What? I don't understand. I have never…..I wouldn't….I couldn't!"
"You tested positive for ecstacy."
"This is a mistake, there's no way.."
"I'm sorry Amy, it wasn't a small amount, if you want to get into a drug program I can help with that, just be honest with me."

I hung up. Embarrassed. Angry. I looked up at the screen. At the liar, the myth. Everything I felt for him wasn't real. It was all just the side effect of some pill. It made me feel really silly to know that he used a chemical to turn me on. The only thing I could do in that moment was press off.

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