Welcome (Back) to America

Ever since I've returned from China I feel that America has not embraced my return. In fact, it has not always been very "welcoming".

My Dad suffers from ataxia, a degenerative muscle disease where the muscles atrophy. Therefore he cannot control his bodily functions easily. He drools a lot and is incontinent. He is also unable to speak coherently. Thus being able to understand him has become quite a challenge for the family. He also suffers form a mild form of dementia. Therefore he cannot remember how to hold a spoon or how to cover his mouth when coughing.

I co-care give with my Mom who can be very bossy at times. "Paul! Cover your mouth! Jada! Don't hang your sweaters on the racks!" Hearing this a thousand times a day is enough to drive one mad!

Then there is the job hunting situation. In China, it's so much easier to find a teaching job than it is in the USA. All you need is a college degree and maybe an ESL certificate or a masters or a doctorate degree. Housing is provided or you're given a housing allowance. Getting around in China is quite easy since there are many buses and taxis in every Chinese city. Health insurance is also affordable.

So coming from a country where life is good to a country where jobs are either scarce, or where I do not have the proper qualifications, or where I would need a car, has been a major disappointment. Top that off with online applications six million pages long filled with background checks; then following up on potential employers who initially say they are interested but then don't return your calls, well, you get the message.

So welcome back to America Jada. Yeah. Right. Thanks. Some welcome.

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