Moonpull — YEAR OF THE DRAGON ENTRY, 100 wrds

She walks away, and you just stand at the waters edge for a while, up to your ankles, feeling the ocean’s pull, and the sand being sucked out from under the tips of your toes.

The sunset looks beautiful—a tangerine ablaze—but the world seems ugly as you sink deeper into the sand after each wave.

You wonder, maybe the ocean just wants to drag everything back into itself, bury the world in its depths.

And you wish it would; you wouldn’t care if it just swept you away from this island right now.

Apparently, she wouldn’t care either.

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  1. appleblossum says:

    Another great entry, and an example of how much can be conveyed with only a few words.

  2. Rhonda Arnold says:

    Like the description, "a tangerine ablaze".

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