The shadow of the monkeypod tree felt cool
as it embraced the wilting pallbearers
bowed in the afternoon sun

Palekaiko and anthurium dressed the casket,
temporary furniture blessed by the robed monotone
guessing at her past and her future

She was neither seen nor heard,
deposited into assisted dying, family shame
bringing her wake to life, with those present

Deaf to her closing days, a lonely struggle
of spirit, fear, regret and hope
of beauty in the dark, pleasant cradle
of eternity

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  1. Rhonda Arnold says:

    Like the use of "bowed" since it can relate to the heat, respect, or both. And, it sounds like bough which relates back to the tree both in terms of the tree's structure and shadow gesture (bowing toward the pallbearers to "embrace" them). Also like the word choice "deposited".

  2. killerpariah says:

    Rhonda, thank you for your kind comments. I always appreciate any feedback.

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