June Prompts from “The Folks You Meet at Longs and Other Stories”

  1. but then, I remembered
  2. that is hard work
  3. then I not so sure
  4. that would have been it for my career
  5. never mind already
  6. you start thinking about . . . stuff
  7. I cannot think
  8. so cute, yeah?
  9. From “Mrs. Takenaka: Wednesday Morning Regular”You heard about Harriet?

Ai-ya, you nevah hear about Harriet?
She stay hospital. You nevah hear?
She hit her heard. Terrible, you know. She stay wit one coma. Or maybe so not one coma, maybe was concussion.
Wait now. Was coma or was concussion?
Something like that. I remember so, start with one “c.”

Anyways, she was at the daughter’s house cuz the daughter just had the baby, yeah?
You neva know the daughter was going have one baby?
Third one already. So cute. From that good looking Filipino boy.
The first two not from him, but. They not so cute.

So Harriet went the daughter’s house. She live behind the old Emjay’s, you remember over there?
So Harriet was inside the bathroom and the daughter just had put one new bathmat down, you know in the place between the toilet and the edge of the shower.
Not the kind with the rubber underneath kind.
The kind he more terry-cloth kind. Slippery, that’s why I no buy that kind. And more expensive.
Harriet wen stand up from the toilet and she was reaching down for pull up her pantyhose, and her jade ring had catch on the expensive bathmat, and was pulling and pulling because I guess so the prong part was stuck, yeah?
You seen how big that ring? That’s the kind they used to call cocktail ring, but Harriet, she always get that on, even when she only going shopping.


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