Mehara Take Falls

Southerly breezes blow

waving grasses in a pangola lea

Smidgens of purpled perennials

in a grassy green sea.

Fluffs of cotton white

sail the deep blue sky

A warming sun upon our skins

summer has finally comeby.

Clutching brown bag lunches in hand

in anxious steps we’d go

Down the lea’s meandering trail

to a jeweled pool below.

Hearts beating faster

hearing the splashing falls

Ginger blossoms scent the air

ferns clinging to misty walls

Clothes and towels a-flying

plunging cold waters, our naked bodies met

Cleansing every nook and cranny

from the day’s soil and sweat

Refreshed from the cooling dip

we laugh and share our meal

Talking of dreams that may be

for now their far from real

Succulent bananas and guavas

desserts but a glance away

Treed along the rock strewn banks

they surely make our day

We lie on favorite rocks

staring up at fern clad walls

Slowly drifting into our dreams

in the bosom of Mehara Take Falls.

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