Haiku: Spring to Winter

green buds thrive in spring

love shapes our long years falling

moving back in time

I give you my love

hard true high and passionate

you held in my arms

in love’s pure circumference

geometry burns colder

than hottest passion

for only true love

and all that can mean for two

leaving us breathless

yes I have loved you

more than love can simply mean

burning with desire

never-changing love

still memories move in time

love holds its place still

summer’s mellow months

love’s made a dream of favor

warm hours in reprieve

when love’s so perfect

when time passes slowly by

when our love is all

moving on in time

love’s dance of days remembers

time’s forgetfulness

days fly quickly past

fast changes move us forward

love will try to last

fall so short in love

a chilling time all too long

strain of love’s colors

love knows its boundaries

those harsh words in haste speak ends

more words cannot save

your hand clasping mine

a warmth that spoke of our love

all emptiness now

winter walks at night

love’s long ago memory

leaves no warm embrace

‘Cause part of you pours out of me

In these lines from time to time

          — A Case of You

               Joni MItchell

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