A Hard-luck Story

Now in Thailand, eighteen months, long past marveling at ancient Buddha figures and ruined temples. Climbed the 290 steps of the Naga staircase; it was a small event and I knew better than to gloat. An old man extended his hand at descent but no one took up his offer. Sleeping dog on serpent step 273, bit the heel off my metallic Gucci open-toe pump, then I am floating in the air, thinking, too late to return them now. What comes out of my mouth is less eloquent. Metal screws and plates, surgical complications, and a secondary surgery later, doc tells me to stop smoking. Really? Don’t take your stress out on me. Confiscating my Capri cigarettes, one drops and rolls under my bed. A foolish attempt to retrieve it brings an uninvited aide to ask, “Can I help you find something?” His English is perfect. Yes. Find my broken pumps…and just throw um away!

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