Quick, Roll Up Your Windows

     “Free Hugs. $5!”

     For some reason, no one took up his offer.

     “I don’t get your sign,” said a blonde lady in a shiny Mercedes Benz. “If it’s free, why is it $5?”

     Before Frank could explain that nothing in life was free, blondie rolled up her window and sped away, as the light at the intersection had just turned green.

     Frank sighed and trudged back to his post at the intersection of Kaonohi St. and Kamehameha Hwy. So much for that lead. He squinted up at the sun, trying to gauge how much time he had before it got dark. Because after that, it was impossible for potential customers to see his sign.

     Once, Frank had stolen some battery operated Christmas lights from the nearby Bed Bath and Beyond to illuminate his cardboard sign. It had been beautiful, festive even; a real sight to see. Well, until a manager from Bed Bath and Beyond noticed the “borrowed” lights and rudely reclaimed them. Frank even thought about “calling the police” like the manager had suggested, but he decided against it. Cops were always so uncool to him. They were obviously prejudiced against people like Frank: entrepreneurs.

     So Frank continued to hold his sign in hopes that he’d be able to make enough money for the evening’s necessities: one Big Gulp and a Spam musubi. And a six pack of Bud Light. And maybe some cigarettes.

     Frank needed this carefully planned out, well-balanced meal to help fill his belly and send him to slumber world. Because that’s where his cot and the rest of his earthly belongings (a cooler that contained his ripped, soiled underwear, a Kangol cap and a pair of binoculars) were waiting for him: behind the Slumber World across the street.

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