Thanksgiving Prayer

Fall’s air settling cold outside

swirling Autumn’s leaves around

Cirrus clouds in nippy blue

from drying cornfields cawing sound.

Laughter comes from little ones

at a scarecrow’s crooked hat

Kinfolk gathering around

with hot ciders in hands they chat.

Late afternoon shadows long

cabin’s door closing behind

The hearth’s warm flickering flames

embraces like a curling vine.

Roasted turkey fills the air

flavored with sweet pumpkin pies

Greens, mashed russets, and corn cobs

watering mouths of hungry eyes.

Cranberries in sauces sit

plum pudding will surely sate

Gravy and dutch oven rolls

while grace is said they sit and wait.

Young and old with hands enjoined

hear praying words sent above

A bowed head from table’s end

humbly thanks for His grace and love…

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