Pay Me No Mind

Shimmied into Bar Nine

my hips a-swivel

in a tight jean confine.

I know what I’ve got

and you want what I have

but I’ll warn you right now

and won’t warn you again

just pay me no mind

cuz I ain’t the committing kind,

no, I just ain’t the committing kind.

He studied me

from across the bar’s counter

his blue eyes held steady

his interest spoke louder

I side him a glance

toss back my long hair

that said, “Get in line”

or you ain’t got a prayer.

I ain’t the committing kind,

No, I just ain’t the committing kind.

He wore blue jeans

and a wool V-neck sweater

and walked with an ease

that was bold and that said

I’m no quitter.

My elbow got nudged

and our eyes intertwined

and the message got clouded

and maybe streamlined

baby, I’m not the committing kind.

I just ain’t…

the committing kind.

A morning’s tangle of sheets

and he’s already gone.

Found out too late

that it too, was his fate—

just not in his design

to be the committing kind.

Just no, not the committing kind.

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