Whole Foods Meet Market

“These days,” he croons in a thoughtful baritone, “it seems that

everybody expects physical congress with everybody else. If you’re not

making a pass at a man’s wife — or the man himself — you’re kind of an


“I’ve noticed that,” she coos in reply. “I wonder if it has always

been like that, and we just haven’t noticed?”

“What I’ve noticed is that behavior that might once have earned a

punch in the mouth is now accepted, . . . even embraced, if you . . .”

” . . . know what I mean,” she finishes for him. Arching her eyebrows,

she nods, pouts.

“Do you think,” he wonders, his forehead Murrowing manfully, “that’s a

sign of corruption or of enlightenment?”

“Or of enlightened corruption?” she replies. “Your wife is so very

beautiful. Will you introduce us?”

“But you must understand that I . . .”

“Hush,” she smiles, whispers. “Only of gourse. Zat goes wizout zaying,

does it not, my nize big boy?”

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