White Rabbit

Gramma would always take us wit her fo see dem. Da rustee ol screen doah wit couple pukas inside, creek as we wen open um. Insai was da jade lady wit her jingly jangly jewelry, always wit her hair up in one bun, an flowahs to decorate. Wit her was da smily face, you could tell he was built befoah, big man who always wore dose sophisticated kine linen shorts.

I not going lie, I was always excited fo see dem. Just cause dey would always give us stuffs. Da smily man would always get up an go to his glass candee jah on da shelf and give us four oh five pieces, den motion to the jade lady to go get his wallet. He den would give us monies fo whatevas. Da amount of monies was ultimately determined by how long it was frum da last time we wen see dem. If was short time den one dollah, if was long time den was five bucks! Dey would den talk stories wit my gramma while us kids would occupy ourselves wit all da tings lying around dea house. Wen was time fo go, da smily man would go get mo pieces of candee and put um in owa hans.

In da cah ride home, we would twiss dose buggahs open! No can foget how dey would stick to owa teet la dat! An how dat creamee vanilla milky kine flava would seep up in da back of yo mout, up yo nostrals, an breed out yo nose! Dose white rabbit candees was winnahs!

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