He puts on his tabis, my Grandfather

yet the morn is still anew

Lima beans and passion fruit

glistening with leaves of dew

Doves coo about in strutting steps

pecking seeds along their way

Minding not the sounding hoe

his figure they see each day

Butterflies flittering about

with the chorus of buzzing bees

A gentle southerly breeze blows

rustling the cotton trees

Potato vines full and green

innocently cover their hidden treasure

Carrot tops try to no avail

for eyes can see their orange pleasure

Now bending down his gentle hands

guide mine to rid the tare

Standing with a smiling countenance

his hand tousles my hair

In his garden he toils with love and joy

even makes the harvest of sweet potatoes fun

He’d roast them on glowing embers with care

we’d partake in the twilight of the setting sun

Days go by then the years

I now share the love you’ve shown

For once in this little boy’s heart

your seed of love was sown…

Ojii-san, Arigato!

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