Haiku and Senryu about effects of the recent storm

The winds of the storm front blew down the blossoms of a tree near my office and scattered them over the grass.  When the rains came, the downpours flooded and soaked everything.

Sodden tree blossoms,

Lie scattered over the grass

bodies of the slain.

eyk 12/7/2021.

The same storm, after passing, gave us some beautiful sunsets.

Sunset silhouettes,

lone rider in passing bus

with end of day glow.

eyk 12/20/2021

I, of course, needed to check the spelling of “silhouette”.  But because the storm caused power surges had knocked out my Wi-Fi, I had to go back to using a dictionary. I finally found it.  (Still had one)

with internet down

I search throughout house to find,

my dictionary.

eyk 12/11/2021

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  1. Bamboo Buckaroo says:

    EYK, aloha. Can you tell us what objects inspired each of these pieces? I’m guessing the dictionary for the last one.

  2. kimurayoshihiro9 says:

    I was leaving for a remembrance ceremony for USS OKLAHOMA when I noticed that the fallen blossoms looked just like pictures I’d seen of battlefields. Kind of a “wabisabi” moment. For the bus rider, I was stuck in traffic, but I was admiring the sunset when a bus passed a few lanes over.

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