My Father’s Laugh

My Father’s Laugh

I heard my Father laugh the other day,
It was same broken “heh, heh, heh”
That issued from a half crooked grin
As he perused some new silliness
I some how managed to get in.
I realized,
With a start,
That the laughter was coming from me.

I miss my Dad.

So I smiled once again.
This time,
The grin was mine.
And I wished him well,
Wherever he may be.
And I joyed,
That even though he’s gone,
His laughter
Still Carries on

eyk. I wrote this years ago, prior to 2012, and may have submitted it to Bamboo Shoots back then. In 2012 I moved to Japan for a few years and lost touch with Bamboo Ridge.  But I edited it recently and am submitting it again.  E. Kimura

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  1. kimurayoshihiro9 says:

    I was standing in front of a sink while washing my hands. As I was thinking about something, I heard a familiar laugh that sounded just like my father’s laugh…. And, like I wrote, suddenly realized, it came from me. I had never realized that I inherited, the same laugh.

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