My Stocking


My stocking stay hang
from one of da knobs
of da built in
bungalow cupboards
and now so full of puka
da roaches get ‘um I tink
mine one
wuz all ways biggah
den my bradas ones
cuz Santa was supposed
to put dolls inside
but I nevah like dolls
I evry Christmas
ask Santa for one horse
one time Santa wen put one doll
eensai my stocking
an wen I see um in da morning
I say “Take it away!”
I nevah remembah dat
but das da story
my mada wen tell
I nevah get one horse


My 69 year old stocking is still hanging on this 4th day of Christmas when “…my Tutu give to me – four flower lei, tree dried squid, two coconut, and one mynah bird…”

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