New Year Traditions-old and new

Older Traditions:

Fireworks fizzled

But shared Year-end soba

Warmed the rain soaked night.

eyk 1/1/2022 hatsu haiku

The big pot comes down

Sound of Mizuna chopping

Making ozoni.

eyk 1/1/2020

Newer Tradition


Faithfully kept due to ease

Of on-line shopping.

eyk 1/1/2022

Notes:  This year’s rain soaked half of my midnight firecracker string, but the “end-of-year” hot soba helped keep the sense of welcoming the new year.  Ozoni, is a hot soup to serve the New Year’s mochi.  Mizuna is one of the traditional ingredients. “Fukubukuro“ is where shoppers on New Year’s day buy a mystery bag from a store. Usually it is at least the price paid.  Some shoppers get VERY lucky.

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