The haves and the maybe-rather-have-nots

Why, hello again, Miss Sadie
So pretty this morning
Like mornings past
Beaming brightly
Glowing whitely
Coquettishly glimmering
Chrome shimmering GLC 300
Paper plates serving notice: 02/28/22
Some lucky someone’s Christmas gift?
Beauty notwithstanding
You scowl unhappily
Vulnerable and forlorn
Singular in your station
On the street amongst riffraff
At the mercy of the elements
That will weaken, disfigure, age you
No assigned stall for you
Nor covered parking
Nor locked garage
Not what you expected, is it?
Tell me about it.
But wait –
You have an alarm, of course
I’d know that if I owned one such
Not saying I’d want to
Nerves taut, frayed, jangling
Obsessively checking and re-checking
To see if you were safe
If I did, though
I’d conceal you, lock you away
To protect you from harm
And the prying, covetous, judgmental eyes
And pointless, absurd imaginings
Of busybodies like me

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