So, What’s New?

Everyone knows January first is new
To me, new means
That sweet scent of a just born baby’s head
The smell and crackle of book pages never read by anyone before me
That book bag my Mom made from scrap material, filled with school supplies
And a box of 48 Crayolas, sharpened and still whole in their wrappers,
That new car smell, not tainted by body sweat, dropped fries
Or that horsey smell of a virgin hardball, leather and stitching tight,
That coffee-air hiss that escapes from a bag just opened
Or the sharp pop and fizz of a Pepsi can before the bubbles are gone,
That bright green of young leaves on Benjamin Ficus
And the sun’s rising through clouds that promise a better day
Or golfing, where there are 18 chances to begin again
And the most exhilarating, the feeling of flying when I fall in love.

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