E komo/kipa mai?

It’s fuckin fucked up ovah here

Everybody coming not jes for play tourist

But fo fuckin live, permanent kine, like death

All da construction fo build houses fo rich guys

Da frickin crazy traffic and jammed up beaches

Da screwed up environment with no more peace

If you gotta come, make it short

The more brief, the less grief

And while you here

Eh, no touch da turtles

Eh, no hassle da seals

Eh, say “please” and “thank you”

Who you tink you, brah?

We ain’t your slaves

And nuff with all da noise

Big time enough with all da noi-oi-oi-oi-oi-se!

No make anymore

Make like a mime in a soundproof box

If you really like make something

Make like one tree and leave

Go go go go go already

Da airport stay dat-a-way

No “laters” for you

Like we going see you again

Like we like see you again

No more aloha and leis and hugging and kissing

No more fond farewell

E komo/kipa mai my ass

Until we don’t meet again

We jes like say goodbye

Talk story

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