Decaf Map

(100 first)

In China, one Beijing hotel and one Starbucks have decaf coffee.  You can find tea.  All kinds of tea.  I don’t want tea.

In Korea, Starbucks has decaf, but Coffee, Bean & Tea Leaf does not.  I see some tea plants, but I don’t want tea.

In Egypt there is no Starbucks, but there is one Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf between Cairo and Alexandria that has decaf.  I see tea I don’t want, and very strong coffee.

In Antarctica there is nowhere to buy coffee or anything else.  On the ship there’s tea I don’t want and, yes, no decaf.

* * * * *


China:  One Beijing hotel, one Starbuck’s.
Korea:  All Starbucks, no Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.
Egypt: One Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.
Antarctica:  No nothing.

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