No Left Turns

No Left Turns (First) 25 words

I wanted to dance Tahitian in Waikiki. I was almost an exchange student in Argentina.  I was fearless. My Mother wasn’t.  Paths for other lifetimes.


No Left Turns (Second) 100 words

I always believed I was adopted

Out of sync with my siblings and parents.

In my senior year, I wanted to dance Tahitian

In Waikiki, the staccato beat of drums on stage drew me forward

Eight years of dance movements twitched my hips.

The year before, I was asked to be an exchange student to Argentina

A chance for Spanish emersion among gauchos on the pampas I thought,

I yearned to fly, to rise above boundaries

Fearless of where my dreams might take me,

Mother’s fears kept me on the straight path

Left behind, my dreams wait for other lifetimes.

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