(100 words first)

In the very old days,
Walking four miles
From Belfair to Bear Creek
After basketball practice
Got me home
Just in time for dinner.

No mean feat
For a seventh-grader,
But, back then,
Nobody thought much about it.

Everist and Makela ran
Most of the way,
Ives at their heels.
Me’n Snover dawdled,
Threw rocks at ditched beer bottles
And glass insulators on telephone poles.

Years later,
Jogging four miles
From UH Manoa to Upper Palolo
Earned praise from Dr. Lum — my physician,
Not the writer.

One time my former student Mark Foreman
Eased me onto the pavement in Kaimuki.


(25 words second)

In 1953 I walked four miles home
After basketball practice.

In 1983 I jogged four miles home
After work.

Foreman tackled me once in Kaimuki.

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