Perpetual Motion

Hale’iwa Ali’i Beach Park adjacent to Halei’iwa Harbor on Oahu’s North Shore is one of my favorite spots on Oahu. I love to sit on the warm sand right beside the imposing seawall built with huge lava rock boulders, immobile soldiers protecting the harbor entrance. I close my eyes and easily lose myself in the moment, becoming one with my environment. There is only me, the sand, the ocean, and the wind. Time slows down. Physical action turns into slow motion while the mind empties itself and opens up to embrace the here and now.

I sit still.

The relentless rolling waves crash into my consciousness and ocean spray fills my nostrils. I watch the water rushing up the beach then returning to the ocean like a child seeking mother’s arms, only to rush up again, reminding me of life in perpetual motion with no beginning and no end. I feel the trade winds caressing my skin, whispering sweet nothings into my ears. There is love hiding in the sun’s rays, spreading warmth and happiness all over the beach. The forever shifting sand makes me realize that life is not static, but constantly changing. Nothing is preordained, everything is uncertain, while the underlying truth is present and enduring.

There is poetry and beauty in the movement of the water. Age and time become irrelevant. Past, present, and future merge into one cohesive unit.

I absorb it all, revel in its glory, accept it with grace.

Forever grateful to be alive.

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