Let today be an exceptionally special day

in an oh so normal mundane way

let us look at everything with wide open eyes

let the common be an exciting surprise

only today shall we dance in the rain

searching diligently for the sun in vain

we keep on dancing after the rain has ceased

the simple salad at lunch shall be a feast

the quick peck on the cheek we call a kiss

to fill our hearts with happiness and bliss

making the bed, pulling the sheets in tight

is not just a job but a sublime delight

today we will carefully listen to every word

will not consider anything wrong or absurd

we will bestow on everybody we meet a big smile

and will deeply look into their eyes for a while

food shopping will be an exploration trip

with us as masters of our own sailing ship

doing the laundry will fill us with glee

since today happiness and fun is all we see

we will laugh even if it is not funny

we will be rich without having any money

today we believe all our dreams will come true

and glorious miracles will happen out of the blue

we will watch old movies without regret

will only talk highly of the people we met

we will hold each other and feel so good

knowing life to be as great as it should

no matter what the others think or say

beauty and happiness are here to stay

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